A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat


The SaxSeat is the latest innovation to hit the saxophone industry. It is the first patented saxophone playing aid that supports both the musician and the weight of the instrument at the same time.



A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat100% Money
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A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeatGuaranteed Safe
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A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeatSaxSeats in Stock
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A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeatOutstanding
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The SaxSeat is the latest innovation to hit the saxophone industry. It is the first patented saxophone playing aid that supports both the musician and the weight of the instrument at the same time.



saxseat for posture % breathing

Correct Your
Posture & Breathing

A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat

Works for all
Different sizes

A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat




the saxseat

Suitable for
all ages

using the saxseat

Lets you play the
Saxophone for Longer

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Nigel McGill from Sax School Reviews the Saxseat

Customer Feedback!

So happy with my saxseat!
Much easier to play now! Thanks for this idea!

Assembly very easy with video. Seat is very substantial and well constructed.  I am 6’2” and play a low A baritone. Seat easily accommodates this with more adjustment to spare. Thanks, quite pleased with your product.

Bingo , just love this.. I’ll send you a brilliant review in the next week or so.

Great product/quality/design & value.

Thank you for daring to go the extra mile (JM’s!????????) on this.

I’ve been using the chair for a couple of weeks and love it. My posture is better and I can play longer which is great, Due to where I live much of my practice is done with a mute which is bulky, so much easier now using the rest.

Yes! it arrived. Used the YouTube video to assemble and it’s really great. Quality is superb and the ergonomics of the seat works very well. Tried tonight and to be shown to a saxophone group on Friday. Not just for those with existing problems but also to prevent them in the first place. Well worth the wait and good luck with the future sales which may be many I think.

Absolutely superb and thank you for answering all my emails

very happy: my sax seats arrived today!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow I will start my practice sessions and after that, I will tell you about my experience.

to the saxseat team:

I apologize for my doubts in you, after all, it came to a happy end.

Just have mine delivered, great product!

Hola, he recibido el Saxseat, muy buen artículo, muchas gracias y felicidades por el SaxSeat, excelente

(Hello, I have received my SaxSeat.  Extremely good product, thank you so much and congratulations on the excellent SaxSeat)

Hi I just received my Saxseat it looks wonderful. Thank you so much.

Seat is nice.  What I really like about it is that it forces me to sit up straighter to help my posture.  Comfortable as well

I received mine yesterday. Looks very well made. I’m glad they took the time to make sure it was right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SaxSeat easy to assemble?2022-03-19T08:12:55+00:00

Yes, the Saxseat assembly is pretty straightforward, we also send assembly instructions with each seat.  We even have some great videos of Kostas, the inventor assembling the seat here:

How heavy is the SaxSeat?2022-03-16T13:23:31+00:00

Well, we have built the Saxseat to be sturdy and stable and last a long time, so it weighs in at around 11.5Kg. For some, this may be too heavy to carry around to your venue,  But the great thing is, the SaxSeat has an adaptable arm that can detach from the seat, and you can carry this arm which only weighs around 1Kg easily to your venue and simply attach the arm to pretty much any chair or stool you choose to.

How do I order?2021-08-29T15:10:07+01:00

Simply go to the Buy Now button at the top of the page.  Select the product and it’ll be in your basket for checkout.  If there is no current stock, we recommend you pre-order as the demand at the moment is high and the seats usually sell out before the stock gets to us.  As soon as we receive the stock, we supply all the preorder customers first.

Is the Saxseat fully refundable?2021-08-29T15:11:49+01:00

If there are any factory or delivery related issues with the seat, we are happy to either send you a spare part, or we can arrange a refund or replacement for you.

Where can I get support?2021-08-29T15:13:48+01:00

We are always contactable for support, either through our social media channels, or email us directly at team@saxseat.com and we will do our best to support you.  You can also contact us through the contact form here 

Will the seat help my back?2021-08-29T15:18:00+01:00

If you have ever spent hours playing the saxophone, you will know just how important good posture is. Saxseat’s ergonomic design allows for the user to adopt different postures to aid better sax playing.

The Saxseat is the only patented product that completely supports both the musician and instrument while playing the saxophone. It’s fully adjustable to fit any size player. The saxseat creates an ergonomic position and helps you improve posture while playing your tenor or baritone saxophone.  With improved posture, this will help with back and neck issues, but also allow for better lung capacity to play the sax.

Why should I trust Sax Seat?2021-08-29T15:21:03+01:00

Kostas Efesopoulos the inventor, has been a musician for over 30 years now. Originally from Cyprus he studied music at the Birmingham Conservatory in the UK before returning home. Although he does play other instruments he specialises in the saxophone and is both a professional musician and music teacher.

Alongside this, he also has a passion for inventing things and is a proficient metal worker. It’s the combination of these 2 traits that lead to the invention of the SaxSeat.

He has built up a dedicated and motivated team that all want to see saxophone players embrace the Saxseat for the future.  We aim to be an open and transparent company and we are always open to comments to help us improve our business.

Practice your sax playing in comfort with a seat that supports both the player & the instrument to help improve posture and technique.


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