The Inventor

The SaxSeat Inventor
Kostas Efesopoulos
musician, saxophone teacher & inventor


We wanted to create a tool to help players young or old to practice & play the saxophone in an easier manner. How many times have you picked up your horn to practice and after 30 mins the weight on your neck is pulling you down and messing up your posture?

We designed the SaxSeat to relieve the pressure from practice, allowing you to play for hours on end with virtually no weight applied on the neck strap.

With weight no longer an issue, we also help children to begin learning from younger and allow them to practice with larger instruments with much more ease.


A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat

Kostas Efesopoulos has been a musician for over 30 years now. Originally from Cyprus he studied music at the Birmingham Conservatory in the UK before returning home.Although he does play other instruments he specialises in the saxophone and is both a professional musician and music teacher.

Alongside this he also has a passion for inventing things and is a proficient metal worker. It’s the combination of these 2 traits that lead to the invention of the SaxSeat.

A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat

Having been playing the saxophone professionally at venues all over Cyprus for many years, one day he began to feel the strain of its weight on his neck and lower back and it began to cause him problems.

The problems worsened to the point where he would no longer bring his tenor sax out to venues and instead was opting for lighter instruments.

A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat

One day he decided enough was enough, he went to his workshop and within a few days had built a simple prototype stool with a semi-adjustable arm that he could rest his sax on.

He took it everywhere with him and realised after a few weeks that the problems he had been experiencing were fading and eventually were completely gone, so for him it was a complete success.

After maybe another year of using it, it was actually a member of the audience who noticed one day what he was using and asked him where he got it and whether he could buy one. It was at this point he realised the implications this could have for saxophonists all over the world.

We then searched for similar solutions everywhere and although there are other ways of supporting a sax there was nothing quite like the SaxSeat.

We spent the next year finding small investors, improving the design and filing for our WIPO patent.

Then we searched for manufacturing partners and we did copious amounts of market research. We took it to all of the big bands in Cyprus letting everybody try it and taking all their feedback into consideration.

A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeat

Now, we have our product polished and our manufacturing partners lined up and ready.

We have thousands of people who have found us online interested in supporting us and we’d love you to become one of them.

We need your help to successfully launch this kickstarter so we can finally bring the SaxSeat to the world and help change saxophone playing for the better.