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Introducing the SAXARM

Many of our existing clients spoke of the fact that they already have a stool or chair which they find too comfortable to give up but they love the idea of having the support that the SaxSeat brings so … we are now selling the SaxArm!  

Weighing in at around 1kg, the arm itself is the clever part of the SaxSeat so it makes sense for us to offer this as a separate piece of equipment.

 The SaxArm is available online for a limited time introductory price. 

Expert Review

Joel Purnell

Reviewed in July 2022, Joel Purnell gives his honest opinion of the SaxSeat 🎷
You can find out more about Joel here 

Expert Review

Nigel McGill

An early adopter of the benefits of the SaxSeat, Nigel McGill leaves his review here 🎷
You can find out more about Nigel and the Sax School here 

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