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A chair designed specifically for saxophonists. - The SaxSeatLimassol, Cyprus –For many of today’s performing saxophone players, being able to play longer and more comfortably is important. Still, trying to focus on technique and your performance can be challenging while supporting a saxophone for more than a few songs on stage. Soon, neck and shoulder strain set in, leaving you tired and achy while affecting your performance.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There is a brand new product designed exclusively for today’s performing sax players. It’s called the SaxSeat and it is revolutionising the music gear industry.

Invented by a saxophone player, designed and developed by an engineer, and tested under actual playing conditions, the SaxSeat is the most innovative saxophone support system on the market. The SaxSeat relieves the sometimes intense pressure off the shoulders and back of the saxophone player’s neck by supporting the full weight of their instrument. Saxophone straps are limited by the amount of weight they can support and rely on the sax player’s neck to do most of the work instead. With the SaxSeat, there is no more neck strain and your shoulders will feel instant relief as well.

SaxSeat’s Innovative Saxophone Support System was designed from the ground up to provide today’s performing saxophone players with support for their instruments. Innovative ergonomically adjustable features ensure a supportive, yet flexible, fit which can help improve both posture and technique.

Benefits Of SaxSeat’sInnovative Saxophone Support System

Aside from making your workouts safer and more effective, there are many benefits of SaxSeat’s innovative saxophone support system including:

· Correct Your Posture & Breathing
· Works For All Saxophones
· Ergonomic Design
· Fully Adjustable
· Suitable For All Ages
· Lets You Play The Saxophone Longer

What Makes SaxSeat Different?

What makes SaxSeat different? SaxSeat is a company that is committed to the comfort and safety of their customers. Their saxophone support system is manufactured using durable materials and attention to detail to ensure that it is long-lasting, value-laden, and designed with your needs in mind. No other product in the industry offers the same level of quality and support that SAXSEAT’s innovative saxophone support system does.

The SaxSeat website, which can be found at:, offers their complete range of innovative saxophone support systems, an explanation of their use, as well as an informative blog. Be sure to follow SaxSeat on Facebook and Instagram to get an exclusive first look at their full product range.

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