Saxseat for Saxophone Studio Recording

Keeping your saxophone at the correct distance from microphones is a big part of getting the best recordings.

The SaxSeat improves microphone position and sound – The SaxSeat keeps the sax at the correct distance from microphones, with the bell facing forward. This improves the sound of the instrument and allows for easier placement of multiple mics to be used for a richer sound or for use in surround-sound recording and mixing.  Saxophone musicians know how important it is to keep the sax at a consistent distance from the mic, if the sax moves even ½ an inch it can affect the pitch and sound of the sax.  The SaxSeat helps keep the saxophone stable.

Posture in Saxophone Studio Recording

The saxSeat also helps improve posture – The SaxSeat keeps posture upright, so there’s no need to lean over the instrument to compensate for the weight of the instrument. This improves comfort and flexibility, breath control, and even tone production.

It generally makes playing easier – The SaxSeat takes some weight off the neck and back while you play. This helps ease strain and fatigue, especially during extended sessions in the studio.

It can Improve concentration with the ergonomic design – The SaxSeat makes you feel more stable during recording sessions, so you can concentrate on your playing without worrying about your chair or your saxophone setup.

Ultimately, recording musicians can stay focused on their performance when using the Saxseat in a recording studio environment.