SaxSeat ™

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The SaxSeat is the latest innovation to hit the saxophone industry. It is the first patented saxophone playing aid that supports both the musician and the weight of the instrument at the same time.

Practice your sax playing in comfort with a seat that supports both the player & the instrument to help improve posture and technique.


✅ Adjustable Seat Height ( 50 – 65cm )
✅ Super Comfortable Leather Seat and Removable Backrest
✅ Patented Adjustable Instrument Arm
✅ Non-Slip  Rubber Feet
✅ Strong Steel Construction
✅ Foldable for Portability

Weight 11 kg
Weight Capacity 115kg +
Box Dimensions 46 × 16.5 × 69 cm


Free Delivery on All Orders

For a limited time only we are allowing customers who missed the Kickstarter to pre-order.

The April order is now completely sold out. The next batch of orders will be fulfilled in August 2021.

VAT is included in sale price, if you are VAT registered and would like to purchase using your VAT number or if you have any other questions for us you can contact the SaxSeat team at saxseat@gmail.com


Summer Sale lasts until May 16th!
Time Left : 1


17 SaxSeats left to pre-order from August batch.




What is the SaxSeat?

The SaxSeat is the product of 30 years of experience in saxophone playing and teaching combined with a love of metalwork and tinkering. It is a stool, specifically designed for saxophonists to help carry the weight of the sax as you play or practice.

This gives you more freedom to focus on other aspects of your practice and also allows you to play for much longer without feeling the pressure of your neck strap bearing down on you.

We understand that the sax is a passionate instrument and that it’s fun to move as you play but for those times when you just want to buckle up and practice for a good while, the SaxSeat allows you to do so easily and comfortably.

A new way to play the saxophone

We believe the saxophone is a beautiful instrument, so we’re making it more accessible to everyone.

Our mission was to breath new life into the saxophone industry. This is not a new problem, musicians have always struggled with the weight of saxophones, especially the larger ones.

Guided by the goal of extending the life of the saxophonist we used our extensive experience as musicians, designers & metalworkers to create a simple product that solves a big problem.

We also wanted it to work for all types of sax, so the whole thing is fully adjustable.

Video Reviews

Although the SaxSeat hasn’t made it’s way into the hands of the general public yet, we have sent out some review copies to some big names in the saxophone industry to get their honest feedback.

Feel free to check them out!


McGill Music Sax School




Additional information
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 46 × 16.5 × 69 cm


Free Delivery on All Orders 

For a limited time only we are allowing customers who missed the Kickstarter to pre-order and have their orders shipped with the first Kickstarter orders around April 2021.

The April order is now completely sold out. All orders going forward will instead be delivered with the 2nd batch of SaxSeats in August.

Please be aware that the first units are still being being manufactured, as such there is the potential for delays, though at the moment everything looks to be on track!