Kickstarter Delivery


Hi guys!

This product is only for those people who have ordered a saxseat, through the Kickstarter campaign that we ran last year.
As stated in the campaign, delivery would be charged at a later stage, before delivery of the product.

It’s been a long time but the factory is finally ready to begin shipping the products to us and we finally have some quotations from delivery companies so we know what to charge people.

The quotations we’ve got for shipping these varies from between €40 – €80 per chair, much higher than usual because of congestion in shipping caused by COVID-19.
We don’t feel it would be fair to pass this cost on to you, so instead we’re charging a flat rate of €35 ( or whatever the conversion is to your currency at this time )

Delivery Details

In the next step, you will be asked to add all of your delivery information. Please be sure to give us the correct address you would like your seat shipped to.

Orders are being shipped from the factory to our distribution points this month, at which point we will then ship them out to you.

Important – If you have not paid your shipping, we will not be able to send you your SaxSeat until you do.

0 SaxSeats left to pre-order from August batch.